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I help clients develop, launch, and market winning, user-centered products and services that get extraordinary things done. I connect business strategy to operational reality. By driving innovation through technology, I enable my clients to get real and sustainable results, increase revenue and productivity, grow market share and, beat the competition.

I do this by sharing my experience and insights and by applying a flexible and disciplined methodology that blends design thinking and lean product design with a relentless focus on the customer. I believe that product success means creating the smallest, feasible product that meets business needs, with a delightful design that provides the features and technology users want, launched at the ideal time. From there, it’s about learning, measurement, and iteration.

    How I can help you?

    • You have an idea you want to launch
    • Market and customer research
    • Digital strategy and roadmaps
    • Experience design and customer journey mapping
    • Software development
    • Product development and launch
    • Analytics, reporting and product optimization
    • Managing product management and digital enablement
    • Program and project management
    • Other digital needs

    When are you available?

    I’m currently booking projects for 2021. Let me help you take your business to the next level.

    How do I hire you?

    If you would like to hire me, please email adam@adamlewkovitz.com or use the form to discuss rates and scheduling. If your project is urgent, please let me know by providing a deadline or note. If you want a quick consult or you are located outside New York, I am now booking calls on Clarity.fm.


    I look forward to working with you.


    Let's work together!

    Contact Adam for more information about any projects or services.

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    I will enhance corporate agility and unlock innovation with a product mindset and proven approach. I work with clients to continually deliver value, improve speed to market and realize ambitious outcomes.

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    I drive digital product innovation. I will identify, design, pressure-test and deliver digital opportunities with the greatest market potential. We will use startup thinking to design, validate and deliver digital experiences that change people’s lives.

    Let’s Talk About Your Company

    I help companies thrive online. If you are looking to reach your full digital potential, whether it’s building, transforming or growing your company I bring strategy, product, experience and technology to accelerate business value.

    CALL: 347-565-4324